Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fall is Coming!!

For the first time in a VERY long time, I am really looking forward to Fall. I'm usually a give-me-the-hottest-and-most-humid-weather-you've-got type of girl, so this is surprising. I think it's the baby.

Visions of pumpkin patches, petting zoos, hayrides, and especially really cute clothes and costumes dance through my head. Like this:
Oh my goodness it is so adorable- Squeeeee! (Let me assure you, I don't often make that noise.) I really don't understand WHY I love dressing up babies in cute/funny outfits- but I just do. And obviously, I'm not alone. Otherwise, things like this would not even exist:

Squee!! ::Ahem:: Sorry, I'm back. It's not just the Halloween costumes, it's the children's clothes in general. I love the browns, the oranges, the reds. The sweaters, the corduroy pants, the outfits!

Yeah. It's crazy adorable. Well, come on September, October- give me what you've got. This year, I'm ready for you.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Husband Love

I was reading some celebrity weekly magazine tonight, while I was working out at the gym, and it had a quote from Kyra Sedgwick, talking about her husband Kevin Bacon. She said:

"I don't know how at 22, I went, 'Yeah, that's the guy,' and was actually right about it. Usually you pick someone who has all the worst qualities of your father or something."

This struck me, because I also married at 22. I've voiced this same sentiment several times since then. I had no idea what I was looking for long term, but somehow I ended up with a man who is absolutely perfect for me in every way. His weaknesses (there aren't very many), are my strengths and vice versa. He is loyal, loving, understanding, funny, and he has a great butt... definitely a great quality! All joking aside, he puts up with me when I'm at my worst, steps in for me when I just can't do it anymore, and rubs my back when it hurts. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Then just when I thought it couldn't get ANY better, he gave me two of the most amazing gifts in the whole world- my son, and the ability to stay home with him and just be mommy. Not have to worry about work/life balance, not have to worry about leaving my precious baby with someone I barely know every day, not have to try and keep all the balls in the air at one time- I can't even imagine how hard that is. Instead, if B wants to play, we play. If we want to go for a walk, we go for a walk. It gives me the time to really savor these sweet, sweet moments of infancy that go all too fast. I will treasure these memories that I'm able to make with B forever. I am eternally grateful to you, P, for all the hard work that you do to make this possible.

In short? I LOVE my husband. with a capital L-O-V-E. :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Insert Witty Title Here

Sometimes, I just don't have anything to say. I rack my brain, over and over- and find nothing. Nothing profound, nothing shallow- just nothing. This definitely doesn't help when writing a blog. So today, I'm just going to give you some random facts about me.

-I am an optimist to the highest degree. It's very rare when I see a situation where I can't find some sort of silver lining in the clouds. I'm pretty sure that this is annoying to the people around me that aren't as sunny.

-I love the feeling of soft grass between my toes, lying in the bed of a pickup truck watching the stars, and the smell of fresh country air. It pains me to think of my children growing up without knowing these little joys.

-I think HBO makes the best shows ever. They're a little profane, a little heavy on the sex, but they're really some of the best written, interesting shows on television.

-I love to study people. Airports, restaurants, and anywhere else- I love watching people and wondering what their lives are like, where they're going, where they're coming from, what's going on in their minds, all that jazz.

Well, that's all I'm able to come up with now- if you're reading this, leave me a comment with some random facts about you!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm Done, Pizza Hut...

The man and I decided to get pizza last night, so that I didn't have to cook. Good idea in theory, right? Well, we ordered after the baby went to bed at 7:30. At 9:00, our pizza came- took a looong time, but I was okay with that- then when I opened it, it was cold- and one of the pizzas was wrong.

H called and complained- we were told that they couldn't give us our money back, but they would send us new pizzas. In 45 minutes. So at 10:00 pm, the new pizzas showed up. Still not hot, but at least they weren't cold. And one was still wrong. Basically, we paid $30 for crap.

The problem is that this is indicative of the whole demise of customer service in our society. Customer service, manners, politeness- none of this is valued anymore. It's gotten so bad that I can name on ONE hand (that's 5 fingers, folks) the companies that I've had a really GOOD experience with in the past couple of years. I don't think I'm a difficult customer, either- just give me what I'm paying for- I am willing to pay. When I do find a company that seems to really care about serving me, the customer- I really make a note of it, and try to go out of my way to patronize them over and over again (I'm talking to you, Zappos and Whole Foods).

This whole experience just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, like most things nowadays do- I experience that bad taste way too often. Ugh.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ahh, Thunderstorms and Naptime

I'm sitting here on the laptop, in bed, while my baby sleeps and a thunderstorm rages outside. I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be at this moment. As long as I can be inside, I LOVE thunderstorms.

If I have to be outside, it's a very different story. Lightning scares the crap out of me. I'm not sure why, it's just a fear/dislike of mine, along with balloons, the thought of dying and leaving my child motherless, the thought of my child dying, etc. I don't have too many fears- but the ones I have are HUGE. Except balloons- that one's a little crazy, I'll admit. I just really don't like it when they pop, therefore I hate being around them, because I never know when it's going to happen. Make sense?

No? Well, that's okay. I'm willing to admit one irrational fear. Does anybody else have crazy fears like this??

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

She's a little bit country.... a little bit rock and roll

I love music. Just about every type of music gets me going one way or another. Lately I've been leaning the country way. I've always loved country music, but I find myself switching to that radio station almost exclusively these past few weeks. Some of my favorites are:

Sugarland. Jennifer Nettles has an amazing voice that's so distinctive. I love just about any song they sing!

The Zac Brown Band... Another great group. They're fairly new, but I've loved everything they've put out so far.

Darius Rucker, another newbie to the country scene. Not new to the music industry, however. Some of you may remember him as "Hootie". Rest assured, he is totally different now- I love it!

And the one and only Reba McEntire. This lady has been in the biz so long- but her songs are just as relevant as they were back when she first started. I love her old stuff, her new stuff, and everything in between.

Well, there you have it. Not a very deep post this morning, but maybe some places to start for my friends out there who don't like country music?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So I'm Sewing...

So. I made it through the first blog post, and here's a second! I started learning how to sew a year or so ago. My mother in law knew how, so I asked her for lessons. It was great! I made a pillow the first lesson, placemats the second, a blanket, and a bag that looks suspiciously Vera Bradley-like. Then my in-laws moved away, and took the machine with them. After finding some really cute patterns and missing the whole creative aspect of sewing, I decided that I was going to buy one. Lo and behold, for my birthday this year (just a couple of weeks ago), I received a sewing machine from the in-laws as a gift! Yay! I bought some patterns for a couple of skirts and a really cute dress.

One problem though:

Skirts and dresses are WAY different to make than placemats. I really have no idea what I'm doing- I'm supposed to be doing pleats, a zipper, and sizing it correctly- all things I've never done before. I took one look at the directions and the pattern and decided to put that project on hold. Instead, the maiden voyage of my sewing machine was to make my version of a "Taggie" blanket for B. It came out really well, and he loved it!

I guess it's definitely not bad considering I would have laughed at whoever told me 5 years ago that I would be sewing someday.

Hi, My name is Dee, and I have an addiction...

Alright, everybody, say it... "Hi Dee". Anyway, what I'm saying is that I am addicted. To what, you might ask? Well, that's a fairly hard question to answer. I'm addicted to... well, being. Being a housewife, a mother, a creator of projects, a kisser of boo boos, a cook, you can kind of see where I'm going with this.

Bottom line is- I love my life, in all its still-trying-to-get comfortable-with-this-whole-stay-at-home-mother/domestic engineer-runner-of-the-household glory. I have a wonderful husband, P, and a six month old son, B. I'm learning how to iron shirts, how to sew, how to decorate cakes, how to grow flowers, anything and everything that I can do to make my house a comfortable, warm, place for my kids to grow up. Yes, it's different from my prior life as a twenty-something working woman trying to crack the glass ceiling from the corner office, but I wouldn't go back for all the cake in the world. (And I love me some cake. )

We live in a somewhat urban environment right now, but my hope is to change that in the coming years- I want land, with some chickens, maybe a goat or two, and a huge garden! For now, though, I'm trying to be content in my townhouse, growing plants in containers, taking over half of my husband's office with my sewing paraphernalia, and kissing my sweet baby's cheeks a billion times a day. Hmm.. when I put it that way, there's MORE than enough to be content with!

Well, I hope this was a decent introduction- thanks for reading! I hope to share with you in the coming weeks the things that I'm learning and doing as I venture farther into this whole being a mom/running a household thing!